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Kumho BMW Championship

The Kumho BMW Championship is a single make racing series based in the UK. Exclusively for BMWs, the championship is run by the BMW Racing Drivers Club in conjunction with the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC). The championship is a BARC registered, BMW-exclusive motorsport series. Introduction The Championship is open to any production BMW sold in the UK. It provides close competition in four classes split by a power-to-weight ratio. The aim of the championship is to provide a closely competitive series for drivers, having a low cost entry class where cars can be competitive running standard engines, and a ladder of increasing cost and performance accommodating the latest vehicles. In 2009, 46 contenders scored points in the championship with the race victories shared between 9 drivers across the four classes. [edit]History The BMW Car Club Championship was started in 1987 by husband and wife team, John and Linda McVicker. The Championship was an amateur club series, for BMW owners who wished to race their BMW’s at all the national circuits in the UK. The championship was open to all types of BMW from 2002’s to CSL’s, Bat Mobiles, new or old. The first race meeting took place on a cold and overcast Saturday at Silverston where it the club managed to field a full grid. The Championship continued under the BMW Car Club banner until late 1999, where the championship was renamed to the BMW Racing Drivers Club. The championship became the ‘Drivers Club’ where the all the drivers had a say in how the organisation was run, and it is continues in that fashion to this day. The series is established as one of the fastest road tyred (treaded) championships in the country, but it is not necessary to use the latest models, or to run at the front to be competitive. The championship has its own driving standards policed by the competitors' own BMW Racing Drivers Club, membership of which is a requirement of entry. This is in an attempt to eliminate the damage caused by modern tactics of blocking, weaving and tapping (or as it used to be known, driving into one another). Do not however think that this makes for a gentle series. Racing is getting ever closer as drivers become confident that these undesirable tactics are removed from the sport, allowing competitors to trust one another to not take out the opposition. Some founder members remain at the club today. These include Evelyne Buanic, Stuart Laws who compete in Class B and the club's president, Trevor Ford.