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BMW 7 Series (F01)

The BMW F01 is the current BMW 7 series that went into production in September 2008. The long-wheelbase model, codenamed BMW F02, is 14 cm (5.5 in) longer than the BMW F01. Presentation The car's official unveiling occurred in the Red Square in Moscow (Russia) on 8 July 2008. The unusual nature of the unveiling had been attracting attention since 6 July 2008. The new BMW 7 series was placed in the upper half of an acrylic, glass, and steel hourglass. The car was initially hidden by more than 180,000 silvered balls, which gradually dropped into the lower half to reveal the new BMW 7 Series.[10] [edit]Vehicle characteristics Night vision Head-Up Display, Integral Active Steering (rear-wheel-drive) xDrive (available for the first time on the 7 Series, for the 750i/Li and Alpina B7 in 2010+, and then the 740i/Li in 2013+)[11] Rear view camera, Sideview (two cameras in the front bumper that look to the left and right) Topview (of the two additional cameras in the exterior mirrors, the side-view cameras, reversing camera and sensors from the PDC to create an overall picture of the vehicle and its environment, and show it from the air) and Speed limit display For this, a camera will check street signs with speed limits. These are displayed in the speedometer, as well as head-up display. [edit]Powertrain All engine choices on the F01 are turbocharged with the exception of the 6-cylinder variant for Asian market (730i/Li).[12] At the 2008 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, BMW announced the North American version of BMW 7 Seri s would use a 4.4 L twin-turbo V8 engine (first used in the BMW X6 xDrive50i) rated at 400 bhp (300 kW) and 450 lb·ft (610 N·m) of torque.[13] In 2010, the North American lineup was expanded with the V12-powered BMW 760Li, and the ActiveHybrid7. The ActiveHybrid7 is the first BMW with automatic transmission to feature an Auto Start Stop function avoiding idle speed operation of the engine when at a standstill or in traffic jams. In the 2011 model year, the Alpina B7 and BMW 740i/Li were added. BMW initially did not have plans to sell the 740i/Li in the United States market; however they responded to requests from their American dealers who were impressed after test driving the Euro-market 7 Series. In the United States for the 2011 model year, the inline-6 powered 740i and 740Li made up ten percent of overall 7 Series sales (which is expected to rise up to fifteen percent in the upcoming years), while the V12 engined 760Li had two percent. Seventy percent of the 7 Series cars sold are the "L" long-wheelbase models. [14] For the 2013 model year, coinciding with a mid-generational refresh, the 740i, 750i, and B7 received 8-speed automatic transmissions. The 750i and B7 received upgraded versions of the N63 engine that add Valvetronic, while the 740i replaces its twin-turbo N54 with the N55 twin-scroll (single) turbo with Valvetronic. The ActiveHybrid 7 replaces its N63 V8 with the N55 inline-6.[8][9][15][16][17] While the N54-powered 740i was only available in rear-wheel driver, the 2013 740i with the N55 engine has optional xDrive.